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Yoga Pose is the largest free digital library of yoga poses searchable by symptom. Users are able to search our database of comprehensive yoga poses based on whatever ailment they are experiencing, for example, search “Yoga poses for back pain,” or “Yoga poses for depression,” and our website will provide a full list of specific poses that will help sootherelated symptoms. Each yoga pose profile features an easy-to- follow Yoga Pose video, medical information, and related flows.

As a form of holistic healing, we are utilizing yoga as a form of alternative medicine to help or ease the symptoms of both mental and physical illnesses. Additionally, our website is a supportive environment for those researching yoga and wellness. We feature a mix of daily inspirational and informational content that is written from both personal experiences and based on medical research, providing the most credible and accessible yoga-centric content on the web.

Unlike other yoga and wellness publications, we work with esteemed yoga professionals and medical experts to create research-based, informational content that the yoga community can trust.

A Letter From Our Founder

My yoga journey has not been an easy one. When you meet me today, you’ll find a healthy, sober and loving mother and wife, one who has a long history of struggling with both mental and physical issues. My yoga journey has steered me from a shaky path of addiction and mental illness, to a life filled with light, clarity and positivity–a transformation I will forever be grateful for. I hope you can also carve your own path to enlightenment and happiness through the ancient practice of yoga.

Mental health issues have been a longtime nemesis of mine, including addiction which has been my hardest battle. I turned to fitness as an outlet, spending hours in the gym, pushing my body to the brink with physical high-intensity training. However, it wasn’t until I was left paralyzed and unable to walk due to a horse-related injury that I turned to yoga for rehabilitation.

What started as a safe and effective way to recover physically, turned into a path of mental healing well beyond my injury. I was not only able to regain the strength to walk and exercise again, but also the mental power and clarity to become a strong and stable rock for my family and loved ones.

As part of my recovery, I returned to the roots of yoga; working with basic poses and flows, I created a positive habit at the age of 62. In its most simple form, yoga and meditation allowed me to not only build physical strength, but gave way to mental clarity and the healing I had long been searching for.

Yoga Pose was born out of the understanding that everyone’s story is different, and the desire to help anyone that is willing to work on overcoming their personal hurdles–mental or physical–no matter how big or small.

–Cindy Rogers

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