Cobb Rogers


Cobb Rogers is the co-founder Cobb was born and raised in Santa Monica where the “yoga lifestyle” is extremely prevalent. However, his personal practice didn’t take effect until high school, when yoga was offered as an elective. Thinking it would help him athletically, he gave it a try. Not only did Cobb love the physical benefits of yoga, but he also discovered the mental positives. Having struggled with extreme anxiety, often leading to full panic attacks, he found comfort in the feeling of calmness at the end of each class.

After pursuing a career in petroleum and development, his practice took a back seat, and he found himself battling anxiety yet again. During these years, he was also the witness to his mother’s battle with depression and addiction that were brought to an overwhelming halt following a crippling horseback riding accident. After undergoing surgery placing eight artificial discs in her back and four fused vertebrates, she was advised to practice yoga as part of her post-surgery physical therapy. While physically yoga helped with her rehabilitation, the mental benefits aided in the recovery of lifelong mental illnesses. She found happiness, clarity and mindfulness. After years of visiting his mother in and out of different rehabs, knowing that she had found peace again lifted a huge weight off of Cobb’s shoulders.

Seeing this newfound happiness in his own mother, Cobb became inspired and enthusiastic about yoga and the positive impact it can have on lives, both physically and mentally. As a mother and son team, the duo founded Yoga Pose. Cobb left his corporate world behind and launched full throttle into his mission to create a free educational resource for ailment specific yoga information.

Through his research he found little information on the actual science of yoga and how it really affects one’s mind and body. The idea was to create an accessible platform for anyone to try yoga, no matter what pain they may be experiencing. He had seen how this ancient practice had helped his mother and now wanted to give this resource to everyone, including those who live where the “yoga lifestyle” might not be as prevalent or those who cannot afford to attend a physical or online yoga class.