Hunter Haliniak


From Honolulu, HI, Hunter grew up playing competitive athletics, having the opportunity to play division 1 volleyball at the University of Hawaii and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Athletics allowed Hunter to connect to what he calls “athletic samadhi” also known in the sports world as “the Zone.” “The Zone” is that moment an athlete drops into a place where nothing else matters other than being in that moment, at that time, in between the lines of the court.

After losing his interest in competitive sport, Hunter found himself yearning for a new outlet for connecting to this bliss. And as the synchronicity of the universe would have it, in walks the practice and study of yoga.

Hunter quickly realized that yoga could offer this “Zone” like mind set, without needing to be competitive with the world around him or himself. This “athletic samadhi” was now not only accessible on the athletic playing field, but also accessible between the borders of the yoga mat as well.

Hunter is now passionate about sharing his yoga practice with you. So roll out your mat and let’s move, breath, and sweat our way into finding your samadhi.