Carrie Sherman


Carrie was first introduced to yoga as a teen suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD and dyslexia. As a classically trained ballet dancer, Carrie instantly felt connected to the practice and the relief her new set of tools gave her. Years later, she found herself living in survival mode as a successful television producer. The stress of the industry and the toxicity of her environment forced her body into pre-diabetic, pre-stroke territory and her mind into the darkest place it had ever been. And then with great intention and much effort, she found her way back to her heart, back into her body and back onto her mat. Now, a few years after quitting her TV job and completing 700 hours of yoga teacher training, Carrie is a healthy, grateful practitioner and Yin yoga teacher with a focus on trauma. Her passion for doing something she loves, that doesn’t compromise her values or wellbeing, but instead promotes happiness and health, radiates from her very being out and into the world.