Ry Toast


Ry spent eight years splitting her time between teaching Bikram Yoga and DJing before she decided to focus all her energy on music in 2016. She is still heavily involved in the yoga community through her project, Beats Balance Flow, her residency with lululemon, her daily personal practice, and of course, the Yoga Pose community. Ry grew up in the rich DJ culture of the Bay Area before moving to LA in 2013, where she continues to expand her reach. She is a member of the band Tyrone’s Jacket; an energetic trio on the verge of releasing their debut album. Ry also has a podcast, HoneyDew LA, where she and guests trade stories of empowerment, growth and self love in a mans’ world. Ry is passionate about social equality and veganism, and she uses her platform as a DJ to shed light on these issues. “I call on the discipline that I learned from my Bikram practice everyday as I continue to hone my DJ skills. I use my yoga-earned knowledge of energy to read rooms, to unite and raise the vibration of a party. Now that I don’t teach full-time, I have been able to reconnect to my practice in a much more personal way I use yoga to focus before shows. The morning after, I use yoga to rehabilitate my body after long, loud nights, as well as to ground and reclaim my energy. I am beyond grateful to this practice and passionate about helping share this knowledge through YogaPose.com.”