7 Reasons to Start Your Day with Morning Yoga


When it comes to yoga, there are many misconceptions about the need to be flexible, or overly active to maintain postures. We’re here to tell you this is a myth – and to do yoga, you simply have to be willing to concentrate on both your mind and body connection. Doing so in the morning can lead to a boost of energy throughout the day and a positive outlook on life.

Adding yoga to your morning routine, along with practices like meditation and Ayurveda can help you maintain balance, both mentally and physically. Moving in the morning can lead to a brighter perspective and stronger body.

Here are 7 reasons to start your day with morning yoga.

1. Set Your Daily Intention

When it comes to yoga in the morning, think of your practice as more than exercise. Setting a dedicated time to practice each morning allows you to also set your daily intention and outlook for the day. Not only does setting your intention help you focus mentally, it also helps you to connect with your mind and body, improving self-care and mental health in the long term.

2. Improves Strength & Flexibility

Yoga has many health benefits and the practice goes well beyond increasing flexibility and strength. In fact, practicing yoga can improve heart health, naturally lower blood pressure, improve mental health, strengthen the lungs, relieve the symptoms of anxiety and stress, depression and more. Add yoga to your current exercise regime, or practice yoga regularly to build stronger muscles and a healthier body. Fitting in your routine early in the morning minimizes the chance of excuses or interruptions later in the day.

3. Speed Up Metabolism

Working out in the morning kick starts your metabolism and is beneficial for weight loss. In a small 2015 study published in EBioMedicine, 10 men worked out in the morning, afternoon and evening – all in separate sessions. Researchers found that the 24-hour fat burn was highest when the men exercised in the morning, before eating breakfast. This could be why health experts recommend exercising on an empty stomach in the morning. This practice is also known as fasted cardio.


4. Boost Your Brain Function

Yoga was designed primarily as a meditative practice by ancient Buddhists, only since it moved to the western world has it become associated with exercise and fitness. Much like meditation, yoga requires a connection to both the mind and body, including the spirit. This connection is linked to emotional regulation. In one study, this awareness of emotions and stronger emotional IQ improves brain function and learning.

5. Lower Daily Stress & Anxiety

Numerous studies have been conducted to research the benefits of yoga on stress and anxiety. But, it turns out that regular practice at the start of the day, can help even more. A 2017 study researched yoga for anxiety in students. They found that students who suffered with anxiety and practiced yoga in the morning for the 8 week study improved their wellbeing and emotional health.


6. Self-Care is Key

Having a dedicated time for yourself and set routine is a wonderful way to start your day. Self-care comes in many forms, but beginning your day with focus, attention and “me-time” will help you live a happier, healthier life and have a positive daily outlook. Take time in the morning, before you head to work and have a list of to-do items, to create a comfortable, cool space for yoga and meditation. Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to be a long time, it could be as short as 20 minutes each day.

7. Inspires Healthy Behavior

Healthy habits have a tendency to flourish and grow. Once you have your morning routine set, you can begin to add new ways to deepen your morning rituals. These small steps can help you with productivity and focus throughout the day. Begin your morning with one positive action, and then continue to add more healthy decisions to your day like drinking more water, and eating healthy foods that fuel you.

We recommend setting time to relax and focus before and after your yoga practice in the morning. Try waking up in the morning and pouring yourself a cup of hot tea to balance and metabolize the body. We love these teas by Fraser Tea, and the family story behind this team of brothers. The teas are blended with quality ingredients to help you relax and meditate with notes of rooibos, goji, and turmeric. To see more teas by Fraser Tea, simply check out their unique blends here.

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