Yoga for Fatigue

Yoga Poses for Fatigue

Energy is vital to our existence. Energy is what makes us feel that life is worth living and helps us pull through difficult situations. But do you find yourself perpetually tired? Do you feel too drained out to carry on your daily activities, even if they require little exertion? Well, this could be a symptom of Fatigue, which is characterized by persistent weariness and weakness that is not eased by rest. Stress, emotional, job or other lifestyle problems such as smoking, bad food, lack of sleep or exercise, or medical illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid issues may cause it.

If fatigue isn't caused by a medical problem, it can be easily remedied by altering one's diet and incorporating regular exercise into one's daily routine. Yoga is one of the keys. Yoga helps without hurting. Research shows that mild exercise can help people with fatigue recover their strength. Yoga’s gentle, restorative poses increase circulation and oxygen flow—keys to healing—without irritating the body. Yoga Balances. Often, people with fatigue are out of touch with their natural human rhythms. They moved too fast, did too much, and their bodies have run down. Yoga helps them find a slower, more natural pace. Yoga Energizes. A person with fatigue struggles with depleted energy, and yoga helps restore energy to the fatigued body, allowing the cells, senses, and nerves to quiet down.

If you practice yoga on a regular basis and adopt the right poses, it could become your new stress reliever. Child Pose, which opens the hips, relieves the back and soothes the body. Opens the spine, improves digestion and relieves back pain in the Cat/Cow Pose. Supine Twist opens the shoulders, improves digestion, relieves the lower back, and calms the mind. Calms the nervous system, regulates blood pressure, and releases muscles in the lower back, legs, and feet in the Legs Up the Wall Pose. Stretches the inner thighs and hips, relieves fatigue and improves bowel function. Savasana reduces stress, increases mental concentration, and promotes complete relaxation. The goal is to feel emotionally stable - to feel good in your own life. You'll have a better day if you feel light, refreshed, and open.