Tips for Managing Mental Health on Election Day

Tips for Managing Mental Health on Election Day - Yoga Pose

1. Start Your Day with Yoga

Research shows that yoga modulates stress response systems and reduces anxiety. It decreases physiological arousal, reduces your blood pressure, and ease respiration. Obsessive behavior on Election Day is like compulsive disorders, and to avoid this, you should start your day with healthy activities like yoga and meditation.

On Election Day, the first thing many people try to do is get out and vote. To set the right tone for Election Day, prepare with yoga that is grounding and sets an intention.

For instance, a yoga pose called “Rag Doll” can create a sense of wellbeing and lower stress naturally. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed with hypothetical conclusions on Election Day, then pause for a moment and try this pose. Here are steps to do the Rag Doll Pose.

• Start with Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)
• Inhale while bringing your arms interlocked at your elbows
• Keep your face and chest close to the thighs
• Exhale while bringing your torso down trying to touch the ground with your elbows, allow your arms and torso to move from side to side freely, loosening the spine

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