Partner Yoga Poses To Try With Your Spouse

Yoga has always been a personal practice. It’s a chance to stretch, breathe, and concentrate on your mat right now. Practicing yoga with a partner, whether it’s a friend, husband, or significant other, offers its own set of benefits.

Couples yoga, also known as partner yoga, is a kind of yoga that allows two individuals to connect via supported postures. Couples yoga may have a positive influence on your relationship that extends far beyond physical, from increasing trust to enhancing communication.

Continue reading to learn more about the physical, mental, and emotional advantages of couples yoga.

Nurture your body and your relationship with these four advantages of couples yoga.

1. Greater Pleasure in Relationships

Even just going to a couples yoga session with your spouse might make you feel better about your relationship.

Being in the present moment while reclining and posing with your partner may revive your relationship and make you both healthier.

2. Increased Sexual Life and Closeness

Yoga for couples can assist with both desire and sexual pleasure. Couple yoga, according to a Loyola University Health System research, can benefit couples who are experiencing sexual dysfunction

Keep in mind that couples yoga is not sexual in nature. It’s a type of yoga in which two individuals work together to coordinate their inhaling, poses, and motions. However, because it necessitates new degrees of trust, interaction, and connection, this can improve intimacy.

3. Better Trust and Transparency

To create the postures in a couples yoga session, you must rely on and lean on your partner the entire time (both physically and symbolically! ), as well as communicate vocally and telepathically. This demands a high level of trust, support, and, most importantly, vulnerability.

To stay balanced and powerful in postures, partners must rely on one other, which can assist to enhance communication. 

4. Anxiety and Stress Levels are Lower.

While most yoga practices may help you relax and de-stress, couples yoga has an added benefit owing to the power of your partner’s touch. According to research published in Psychological Science, married couples who hold hands experience rapid stress reduction. Hand-holding by a spouse elicited a greater brain reaction than hand-holding by a stranger. As a result, just touching your spouse can assist to alleviate anxiety by reducing the brain’s reactions to stress.

Yoga poses for Couples to Practice with your Spouse

Seated Grounding/Centering

Any yoga practice should begin with grounding and centering. It helps you to connect with your spiritual and physical surroundings while also preparing your mind for the next exercise. Good yoga practice requires a positive mindset and meditation.

Seated Cat Cow (Marjaryasana/Bitlasana)

Cat cows are two yoga postures that are frequently combined. It’s a fantastic stretch for the hips, core, and back. Seated cat cows also aid in the expansion of the lungs and chest, so make sure to breathe deeply while in this posture.

Back-to-back Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Because you can assist each other in this posture, it’s ideal for beginners. Chair posture is an excellent technique to strengthen your thighs and feet while also boosting ankle mobility. Use each other to deepen your stretch for more advanced yogis.

Seated Forward Backbend (Paschimottanasana/Matsyasana)

The forward bend and backbend are designed to give your legs and back a good stretch. This posture can be difficult to master, particularly if one partner is more flexible than the other. As a result, be careful to communicate and take things slowly, otherwise, you or your partner might get harmed.


Yoga with a partner is a great way to improve your asana practice while also connecting with others.

By practicing greater stretches with your partner, you may both give and receive the benefits of yoga. By speaking with your yoga partner, have fun exploring different poses and techniques to adjust them to feel the best for you.