How Yoga Can Help You Sleep Better During COVID

How Yoga Can Help You Sleep Better During COVID - Yoga Pose

Why is COVID-19 Impacting Your Sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation outlined the major challenges that are holding us back from achieving the quality of sleep our body needs. One of the biggest obstacles to sleep is the sudden and often unmanageable disruption of daily life. Here are a few reasons or ‘disruptors’ that may adversely affect our sleeping schedule and quality:

– It can be difficult to adjust to a new daily schedule or lack of a schedule

– Keeping track of the time, and even the day, can be hard without typical time “anchors” like dropping kids off at school, arriving at the office, attending recurring social events, or going to the gym

– Being stuck at home, especially if your space has low levels of natural light, may reduce light-based cues for wakefulness and sleep, known as zeitgebers, which are crucial to our circadian rhythm

– If you are not working at the moment or your weekly hours have decreased due to COVID-19, you may be tempted to oversleep each morning. Sleeping more than seven to eight hours per night can make waking up on time much more difficult, even if you use an alarm. Oversleepers may also feel groggy, irritable and unfocused throughout the day

Read on to find out which yoga poses can help ease insomnia and other sleep disorders caused by COVID-19.

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