5 Yoga Benefits for Men


For many, yoga is seen as a mental exercise and believed to lack physical fitness aspects that we see in other high-energy programs like CrossFit or HIIT workouts. The mental and physical benefits of yoga are, not only equivalent to many other fast-paced exercises, but they also carry over into your personal life, impacting your daily outlook, mental health, stress levels, and more.

The latest Yoga in America study found that more than 80 percent of people who practice yoga or participate in classes are women, while around 17 percent are men. The most obvious reasons for limited participation are body awareness, mental stillness, and social connection.

By adding yoga to a workout regime, men can see numerous benefits from improved sexual performance to lower stress levels and improved flexibility.

Here’s a look at how yoga can benefit you.


1. Improve Your Sex Life

A recent study revealed that yoga can help with premature ejaculation (PE) in men. Researchers compared men with premature ejaculation issues who did yoga or were prescribed medication for PE for three months. All of the men that practiced yoga during this time reported an improvement in their sexual performance, compared to 82 percent who only took medication and did not practice yoga.

Additionally, a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who did yoga for just three months reported better sex overall, positively improving desire, satisfaction, performance, and orgasm.

Why does yoga have such a significant effect on sexual performance? Scientists believe it’s due to stronger pelvic muscles, better mood, and lower stress or anxiety.


2. Increases Focus & Productivity

If you want to perform better at work, add yoga to your fitness regime. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently completed a study of 85,000 US workers. They found that yoga can improve employee’s mental resilience and help them better deal with stress, especially for people in management positions. The research is further supported by a 2013 study from the Netherlands, in which a six-month regime including yoga and one general workout per week led to workplace vitality — higher energy levels and stronger resilience.


3. Better Sleep

Increased energy levels and productivity may be to thank for a better night’s sleep. One 2013 study found that older yogis experienced fewer sleep disruptions and fell asleep easier. Better yet, they were less prone to using sleep aids.

While researchers believe that simple energy exertion may be to thank, many also believe that the stretching of the muscles can lead to relaxation and an improvement in the respiratory muscles. This is why yoga may help snoring and sleep apnea.

4. Stand Up Straighter & Taller

Hunching in front of a desk can lead to a lifetime of bad posture and alignment issues. Yoga is proven to improve posture by stretching and aligning the body. When used in conjunction with weight workouts, yoga can counteract tight muscles and help build a strong, lean body.


5. Less Stress

Yoga is renowned for lowering stress levels and improving the symptoms of anxiety. In numerous studies, stress reduction is a common benefit of yoga. A study published in Immunology found that yoga suppresses inflammation, a response to stress. Additionally, it increases the body’s ability to react to stress. When you practice yoga regularly you can expect a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improved respiratory activity.


How to Get Started with Yoga for Men

Many men find the thought of yoga intimidating or emasculating. One organization is counteracting those thoughts with a program designed specifically for men. Broga is a comprehensive yoga training program featuring virtual training courses that brings the benefits of yoga and holistic mobility to the fitness and sports community. With virtual training courses, you can get certified to teach targeted yoga classes. The four-day Virtual Broga Fitness Yoga Certification is the ultimate training course to learn the yoga fundamentals to teach a full-body 60-minute Fitness Yoga class.