Yoga for Fertility

Yoga Poses for Fertility

Becoming a mother has always been a lifelong dream for every woman in this world and while a lot of them attain that Motherhood in the journey of life, there are still few others who have to struggle a bit in the process. If you’re hoping to achieve your dream of becoming a mother, fertility yoga should be on your radar. Fertility yoga is designed to help women nurture, support, and strengthen their reproductive systems so that they can conceive a child.

Fertility yoga is a series of yoga poses that promote relaxation. It also encourages blood flow to the hips and increases circulation and connection to the pelvic area, abdomen, and heart. In addition to the stress-relieving benefits that aid conception, these are the ways that fertility yoga helps overall health and wellbeing: Strengthens and tones the body, Boosts blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, Reduces inflammation in the body, Helps better breathing, Increases flexibility, Balances metabolism, Increases libido, Reduces low mood, Makes you feel more in control. Carving out me-time can prove difficult when juggling a busy lifestyle, but it’s something you should try to do.

There are many styles of yoga that include different sequences practiced at different paces and varying levels of intensity. Fertility yoga might be a gentle flowing sequence. This will include poses that encourage blood flow to the uterus, hips, heart, and other abdominal organs. It may include poses such as a bridge, light twists, and legs up the wall. Cat/ cow, hip rotations, cobblers, supported goddess pose. Any exercise that involves mindfulness, breathing techniques, and meditative visualization has many physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Yoga is a calming antidote to any woman consumed by an overwhelming desire for a baby. The resulting stress of which becomes an impediment to conception itself.