Using Yoga for Rehabilitation: Yoga Poses for Recovery

Using Yoga for Rehabilitation: Gentle Yoga Poses for Recovery - Yoga Pose

What Role Does Yoga Play in Rehabilitation?

Our bodies, by default, heal itself. Blood flows to the afflicted parts to nourish it, the body releases pain relieving endorphins, and antibodies rush to fight infections. However, lifestyle choices make it hard for your body to do these on its own.

This is where yoga comes in. The key role yoga plays in rehabilitation is to enhance your body’s natural healing process.

The gentle movements (the poses) and the breathing techniques (pranayama) are two of the eight components of yoga that benefit recovery.

Yoga will also drain your lymphatic system and stimulate your glands to perform better. Finally, you’ll also experience a deeper sense of well-being and renewed energy as you keep up the practice.

For so long, inactivity and non-use was deemed the proper way to deal with injuries. As the healing process of the body is now better understood, we know that gentle movements support the natural healing process.

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