Using Yoga for Rehabilitation: Yoga Poses for Recovery

Using Yoga for Rehabilitation: Gentle Yoga Poses for Recovery - Yoga Pose
Yoga has to be the best thing to happen to mankind. It started as a science, philosophy, and healing art that aims at aligning the mind, body, and soul for optimal health. Of all its science-backed benefits, you can also use yoga for rehabilitation and recovery.

Are you recovering from an injury, surgery, or other ailments? Yoga is a great way to speed up your rehabilitation and ease you back to your former self.

Pain and restricted movement are the major things you have to deal with as you recover. Fortunately, yoga has shown its efficacy to relieve pain and still offers you loads of benefits with minimal movement.

Yoga is so effective for rehabilitation
because it does not isolate the cause of the ‘injury’ and attempts to cure it, like conventional medicine does. Rather, it uses the healing systems of your body to improve your health holistically.

As you read on, we’ll fill you in on all you need to know about using yoga for rehabilitation. We’ll also give you some gentle poses you can start practicing right away.

We understand that you’re getting excited, but first, you need to consult your medical advisor to clear you before you begin. Furthermore, you should do yoga for rehabilitation under the supervision of a yoga instructor. Or, you can join classes led by certified yoga instructors from the comfort of your home.

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