9 Signs You Are Exhausted & Yoga Poses That Can Help

9 Signs You Are Exhausted & Yoga Poses That Can Help - Yoga Pose
In the current day and age, it’s easy to feel exhausted, both mentally and physically. The typical strains of daily life are amplified by an unsteady political climate, financial stress, working from home and the fear of poor health. It is also not unusual during this time to feel concern for our family and loved ones about the uncertainty of the future. This weighs on both our mind and body, increasing stress and worry that takes a toll on our wellbeing.

If you’re feeling depleted of energy and mentally foggy, it may be time to practice some self-care and rest, despite the world nagging at you to do more.

In a recent Instagram post, Dr. Emily Hepburn, a clinical psychologist, explained that our brains are reacting to all the extra threat around us, and our body is using extra energy to manage it. While we’re all feeling the strains of 2020, what are the key signs we are actually exhausted, and how should we manage that potential risk?

In the following pages, we’ll talk about the nine warning signs that you are suffering from exhaustion or just on the cusp. Then, we’ll give you five yoga poses with video tutorials to re-energize, revitalize and to calm the mind.

Read on for the nine signs you could be suffering from exhaustion.