9 Signs You Are Exhausted & Yoga Poses That Can Help

9 Signs You Are Exhausted & Yoga Poses That Can Help - Yoga Pose

What are the Signs of Exhaustion?

Exhaustion is not to be confused with typical tiredness. It is not the same. Instead, if you are exhausted, you will feel as though you are in a deep fog, and have very little energy. Bed rest may seem like the only plausible answer. Here are a few signs you may be exhausted.

1. It is hard to think – at all
2. You are more stressed than normal
3. You are swapping normal healthy choices for junk food
4. It’s hard to sleep
5. Your skin is dry and cracked
6. You have no energy or desire to be physical
7. It is, at times, hard to breathe
8. You are extra alert to cold temperatures
9. You are more focused on lounging than anything else
If these feelings continue for more than four months, it may be time to seek medical help, as you could be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

The National Health Service (NHS) describes CFS as a long-term illness that causes feelings of constant tiredness. A study by Biopsychosocial Medicine found that a 20-minute seated yoga class practiced daily can help patients suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome. The researchers based their hypothesis on yoga as a mind-body practice, and sought the leadership of professional yoga teachers to guide the practices.

In the next few pages, we’ll uncover five yoga poses that can help you when you are feeling fatigued, tired, exhausted or anxious. As with all new exercise regimes, check with your doctor before starting any new physical activity like yoga.

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