One Simple Word Could Help You Focus During Meditation

One Simple Word Could Help You Focus During Yoga & Meditation - Yoga Pose

What is a Mantra?

We’ve all been there, a yoga class with chanting, hymns and singing bowls. At first, it may cause a bit of surprise, and for beginners, the spiritual nature of the practice can be intimidating or overly spiritual. But, behind the chanting, is a neuroscience that helps us focus, relax, clear background noise and calm the nervous system.

A mantra is best defined as a word, phrase or song repeated over and over again to aid in meditation and focus. You can choose a mantra that is significant to your life, whether it be a quote, a word or a poem, or you can incorporate an ancient mantra into your practice. Either way, a mantra should have some significance to your life and personal beliefs.

In the next page, we’ll discuss the purpose of a mantra in meditation and the science behind it, and unveil popular ancient mantras you can try for yourself.

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