10 Mantras to Practice to Express Gratitude

10 Mantras to Practice to Express Gratitude - Yoga Pose

The holidays are just around the corner, and with 2020 racking up more than a few disappointments this year, we may find ourselves searching extra hard for things to be grateful for. With a pandemic, politics and quarantine in effect, we should turn to the most simple things in life, like family, our health, our homes and pets.

Mantras give your yoga or meditation practice something to focus on and to resonate with. They can be as simple as a quote, a word or a sound that sets intention for your practice, your day or your life. With the holiday blues and stressful planning looming ahead, setting a mantra may help you block out any stress, anxiety or depression you may be feeling, and allow you to focus on the present. Repeat your mantra, in your head or out loud, throughout your practice or meditation, whenever you feel your mind beginning to wander.

We’ve put together a list of 10 mantras to express and inspire gratitude this season. We’ve also included social media graphics for you to share on your social media channels to show your thanks.