How Can Yoga Help Addicts Recover with Daily Practice?

How Can Yoga Help Addicts Recover with Daily Practice? - Yoga Pose

Substance abuse is a world-scale problem that has afflicted mankind for decades now. As of 2018, an estimated 164.8 million people, aged 12 or older in the United States (60.2 percent), used a substance in the past month. There are different methods of dealing with substance abuse with varying success rates. In this post, we’ll inform you about how yoga can help addicts recover.

Addiction recovery is a tough journey, but if you have the right tools and support team in place, you can reach your goal. Yoga is one of such tools. It is an effective recovery therapy because of its holistic approach and healing properties.

As Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, wisely said, “What characterizes addiction? Quite simply this: you no longer feel you have the choice to stop.” Yoga seeks to align the mind, body and soul; the elevation of the ‘whole person’ helps addiction at the source.

In this post, we’ll go into details of how and why yoga is beneficial for the recovery journey of addicts. We’ll also give you yoga poses you can practice and other programs you can combine them with.