What Is Pranayama And How Can It Help You Sleep Better?

What is Pranayama And How Can it Help You Sleep Better? - Yoga Pose

By now, most of us are familiar with the many benefits that yoga and meditation have for both mental and physical health.

A less explored element of the millennial practice of yoga and Ayurveda is often Pranayama.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the term Pranayama often refers to those breathing exercises and techniques aimed at removing any blockages in the body preventing the Prana (our vital energy) from flowing freely. The correct practice of Pranayama is the perfect complement to an asana and meditation routine.

Among the infinite benefits of Pranayama such as mindfulness and relaxation, this practice has proven to promote longer and uninterrupted sleep, making it particularly effective as a complementary treatment of insomnia.

Read on to learn more about Pranayama, or check out this hour-long class that teaches the basics of Pranayama and breathing exercises.