Boost Brain Power With Super Brain Yoga

Boost Brain Power with Super Brain Yoga - Yoga Pose

The touchstone of mental health is your ability to perform well in daily life and work. Mental health includes your psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing. Your brain’s health affects how you think, feel and act. A healthy mind helps you analyze problems, make wise decisions, solve issues, interact with others, and enjoy an emotional balance.

Like other body organs, your brain needs special nourishment to function properly. These include vitamins, minerals, glucose and other essential nutrients. For instance, glucose is the fuel for your brain, and you can feed your brain by consuming healthy carbohydrates and other glucose-rich foods.

Similarly, your brain needs more oxygenated blood to activate specific neurons that improve your mental ability, cognitive function, self-esteem and brainpower to solve problems efficiently and quickly. Super Brain Yoga is one of the best and safest ways to boost your brainpower.

Boost Brain Power with Super Brain Yoga - Yoga Pose

Is Super Brain Yoga Effective?

Super Brain Yoga was coined by Master Chao Kok Sui. It is defined as the practice of focusing on breathing and acupressure methods that balance the brain’s two hemispheres to increase energy. The goal of super brain yoga is to create a free flow of energy from the central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system.

A growing body of research evidence shows that super brain yoga can produce powerful brain waves. One study by Visva-Bharati University shows that 15-20 minutes of yoga can increase the brain’s alpha wave activity, which leads to better cognitive functions.

The brain’s alpha waves also promote alertness, concentration, resting, and relaxation. Super Brain Yoga strengthens your brain’s occipital region, improving learning, memory, focus, critical thinking and more.

A 2018 study published in the Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge highlighted that Super Brain Yoga improves different brain areas and boost concentration. Researchers studied 1,945 students for three months, measuring the impact of Super Brain Yoga. In a follow-up questionnaire, the students reported a 75.9% increase in short term memory and a 70.5% increase in concentration.

Likewise, participants had reduced anxiety after one session. The study findings indicate that Super Brain Yoga plays a crucial role in cognitive function enhancement. Considering the evidence, yes, this type of yoga is beneficial for boosting your brainpower.

Boost Brain Power with Super Brain Yoga - Yoga Pose

Super Brain Yoga Techniques

Yoga asanas are the physical movements and postures practiced in yoga. Some of the poses, like inversions, naturally increase blood supply to your brain and boost your memory. These pose activate your mind and enhance your brainpower. When paired with Pranayama, clean air detoxifies the brain and improves memory and brain function. One form of Pranayama is Alternate Nostril Breathing. The technique balances the brain’s two hemispheres, relieves stress, anxiety and soothes your brain.

How to Practice Super Brain Yoga

Practice Super Brain Yoga daily for a month to see results. Below, are instructions on how to practice Super Brain Yoga.

1. Stand up straight and relax
2. Move your right hand across the upper body to reach the left earlobe. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger
3. Move your left hand across the upper body to reach the right earlobe. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger
4. Make sure your thumb is in the front
5. Inhale deeply through your nose and move your body toward the ground in a sitting or squat position
6. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds in this position
7. Move back into the original position, and then exhale
8. Repeat again 15-20 times