5 Best Books on Mindfulness & Meditation to Read Now

5 Best Books on Mindfulness & Meditation to Read Right Now - Yoga Pose

Are you interested in deepening your understanding of yoga and mindfulness? What about better understanding the ancient practices and history that impact our western yoga practices today?

While you’re at it, take each book as an opportunity to practice mindful reading. Dedicate a time for reading each day, either early morning or right before bed, when you have very little distractions. Read your book slowly and purposefully, take into account the weight of the pages, the shape of each word. Are you truly reading each singular word or just skimming the pages? When your mind starts to wander, simply redirect your attention back to your book. This practice doesn’t require much preparation like a special reading nook or a hot cup of tea, after some time and routine you should be able to achieve calmness and mindfulness simply by turning the page.

Go on, give it a try with these five best books on mindfulness and meditation, hand-picked by our editors for you. Here’s a tip: you may already know and love book number five.

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