Your Guide To Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga

Wait, is it a sex thing?

Tantra is synonymous with intimacy in the same way that crust is synonymous with apple pie.

Although the crust is a piece of the apple pie, it is not the entire pie! Tantra follows the same principle.

Are you interested in learning more about tantra, such as what tantric yoga is and how to practice it? Scroll down to find out more!

Tantra Yoga

What is tantric yoga, and how will it differ from other types of yoga?

So, what is Tantra Yoga, exactly? 

“Traditional Tantra Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice combining standing Hatha positions and floor-based Yin positions,” according to the definition.

It’s a restorative yoga practice with long periods of relaxation and meditation that’s designed to enhance tantric cosmovision. It facilitates communication between you and your intimate relationship. We become conscious of the strength of energy within us as we do traditional tantra yoga. We become aware that our bodies are not as stiff and firm as we think. We discover that we can move our bodies effortlessly, simply, and with aim.

Tantra Yoga

What do yoga and other meditation activities have to do with it?

Good Question! Yoga is Sanskrit for “uniformity” and everything that links you with yourself explains Leah Piper of More Love Seminars, a tantra educator.

She states, because tantra is about self-consciousness, tantra may be yoga.

“Tantric yoga teaches you to deeply know oneself to be able to embrace this self via numerous yogic and meditation practices,” coach Sarrah Rose of Tantric Activation said.

Tantra yoga may comprise the following:

It’s an excellent way to study tantra without a partner and without engaging in sexual activity or to spend time with oneself.

Tantra Yoga

What is the purpose of this exercise?

Spiritual emancipation may be summed up in two terms.

“This isn’t about getting a workout or refining your body,” Piper explains. “Tantric yoga is all about being deliberate with your breath, inhabiting yourself, and accepting your own body.”

Regular tantric practice, according to experts, can help you gain the following benefits:

  • Decreased anxiety, sadness, or stress
  • Better self-awareness and love
  • Improved sleep quality  
  • Raised confidence and performance in the bedroom
  • Improved overall quality of life
  • Greater intimacy capacity

Are you capable of doing the task on your own? Should you do it with a friend or a partner?

“You can certainly accomplish it on your own. “You don’t even need a trainer or an instructor,”  Rose explains.

Self-guiding can be difficult since the technique demands a very fine degree of mindfulness. Some gurus advise delaying solo practice until you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

Tantra Yoga

The Advantages Of Tantra Yoga


Tantra Yoga is calming in origin because the deep breath enables you to breathe and assimilate new information collected during active stances.


It increases contact and emotion in your body.


It allows people to gain patience and resilience. It helps to find consolation in pain and let the pain go.


Merge soul, body, and spirit as a divine experience. It brings about the equation of both your female and your male energies.


We also do Tantra Yoga when we enter the sequence with eyes relaxed and silent.