Donate to These Organizations for Black Lives Matter

Where to Donate to Show Your Support for Black Lives Matter - Yoga Pose

The recent protests against police brutality and the horrific unlawful killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, and Tony McDade have inspired millions to take the necessary steps to dismantle discriminatory attitudes and practices rooted in American life, both publicly and implicitly. This has taken various forms including (but not limited to) public demonstrations, initiatives for raising awareness, paying close attention and giving voice to the members of the black community, shopping intentionally, and of course making a donation.

And while not all of us can participate in a protest, we can definitely extend a helping hand by contributing to a charity committed to making a difference.

When it comes to donating, you can either distribute your funds equally between 5 or more charities of your choice, or pick one cause that resonates the most with you and give it your all.

Whichever option feels right to you, whenever you’re ready to contribute, here’s a comprehensive list of causes that need funding.

Victim Memorial Funds

If your heart goes out to the families who are suffering due to the horrific unjust acts of police brutality, consider donating to these victim memorial funds:

George Floyd Memorial Fund
I Run With Maud
James Scurlock Memorial Fund
Tony Mcdade Memorial Fund
David McAtee Memorial Fund
Gianna Floyd Fund
Justice for Breonna Taylor

Bail Funds

As if things were not worse enough, taking the police brutality forward, the officials have arrested innocent people who were protesting for justice. If you would like to help raise money for bailing out these civilians, consider donating to these bail funds:

The Bail Project
National Bail Out
National Bail Fund Network COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund
Atlanta Solidarity Fund
Louisville Community Bail Fund
Chicago Community Bond Fund
Philadelphia Bail Fund
Nashville Community Bail Fund
Dallas Bail Fund for Protesters
(F)empower Community Bond Fund
People’s Program Bail Out Fund; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Columbus Freedom Fund; Columbus, Ohio

Community Restoration Organizations & Funds

Most local businesses have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. The black community has suffered the most owing to the unjust treatment and police violence. If you would like to help restoring the community and rebuilding local businesses, consider donating to the following community restoration organizations.

Mutual Aid
Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition; Twin Cities, Minnesota
The Lake Street Council; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pimento Relief Fund; Minneapolis, Minnesota
West Broadway Business & Area Coalition; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rebuilding Oakland Black Businesses Fund; Oakland, California
My Block My Hood My City; Chicago, Illinois

Community Organizations Serving Disabled BIPOC

With the world erupting in chaos, having access to medical facilities is crucial. Disabled BIPOC, out of everyone are having the hardest time securing access to even the most basic healthcare facilities. The following organizations are taking proactive steps to ensure the disabled BIPOC community is provided with timely medical care. They also offer quality education programs and essential services to help them cope with what is happening. If you would like to aid in the facilitation of medical and education facilities for the BIPOC community, consider donating to the following organizations.

Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities
Ramp Your Voice! With Vilissa
Autistic People of Color Fund
Disability Justice Culture Club
Sins Invalid
The Harriet Tubman Collective

Mental Health Organizations

Racism is a form of trauma. Experiences of violence, abuse and marginalization can lead to an increased risk of PTSD; so can extended exposure to videos of of racist police brutality on social media and news sites. Because of this elevated distress, Black Americans are 20 percent more likely to suffer from psychological disorders than White Americans. Fortunately, some organizations are stepping forward to help. They are providing access to therapy and other mental health resources at a subsidized rate, or even free. If you would like to fund this initiative and help more members of the Black community receive the appropriate mental health care, consider donating to the following organizations.

The Loveland Foundation
Black Girl in Om
Sista Afya
Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective
You Good Sis Yoga Collective
National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network
Peoples Oakland; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Policy Reform Organizations

The roots of racism go deep underground and penetrate our political system from all sides. Real change will take place only when the officials sit up and take notice. We need laws, policies and programs to ensure equality and provisions against police brutality. If you would like to bring about a systematic change in the way we handle racism, consider donating to the following organizations who are taking significant steps to abolish racist policies and replace them with inclusive, equal ones.

American Civil Liberties Union
Black Lives Matter Global Network
Color of Change Education Fund
Advancement Project
Community Justice Action Fund
Anti-Racism Fund
Moms Demand Action; donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Everytown, Moms Demand Action’s parent organization
Faith in Texas
Take Action Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Austin Justice Coalition; Austin, Texas
Dallas Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression; Dallas, Texas
The Refugee Dream Center; Rhode Island
Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance; Rhode Island

Uploading a black square on your social media does not change things, but donating to these causes definitely will. Even if you can’t be an active participant of public demonstrations or offer your services on the frontline, you can still contribute by aiding these organizations who are striving day and night to change things for better. Even if you can’t stand right beside them in this fight, by donating to these organizations, you can show them how you are on their side, how you are an ally.

Where to Donate to Show Your Support for Black Lives Matter - Yoga Pose

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