Practice Yoga During Pregnancy With These Safety Tips

Practice Yoga During Pregnancy with These Safety Tips

Practice Yoga During Pregnancy with These Safety Tips

Research shows that bending and stretching the body increases blood flow and helps with fluid retention. Yoga can reduce stress and promote relaxation, making it the perfect tool throughout pregnancy. There are many benefits to regular practice, however throughout pregnancy, yoga is especially beneficial, not only for stress reduction, but also for spinal strength and alignment, posture, and muscle relief.

While yoga is an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor before engaging in yoga or any other form of exercise. Once you’re given the go-ahead, use these tips for a safe and pleasant practice.

Practice Yoga During Pregnancy with These Safety Tips

Create a Comfortable Environment

Yoga is like a slow medicine that gradually affects your body positively. You can’t achieve your goals if you do yoga in a stressful environment. So, choose a space in your home where you feel comfortable and safe. We recommend choosing a larger space with natural light and access to fresh air so that you can breathe deeply. Consider lighting candles or using a diffuser with calming essential oils to set the tone for your practice.

Practice Yoga During Pregnancy with These Safety Tips

Stay Hydrated

Although many experts say that you should not drink water before or after practicing yoga, it is crucial to regulate your body temperature during pregnancy. Throughout the day, especially on days that you plan to do yoga, you should drink water to help flush toxins and maintain hydration.

Practice Yoga During Pregnancy with These Safety Tips

Use Props

The center of gravity changes when your belly gets larger. It means you have to maintain your body balance for your safety. You can place a mat near a wall or anything sturdy to keep your balance. Use folded up blankets and blocks for extra support. Using props also helps you modify yoga poses.

Avoid Deep Twists

Although you can twist during pregnancy, it is essential to avoid twists that cause you to cross your body and compress your midsection. Deep twists can decrease blood flow to your placenta and reduce the number of nutrients to the growing fetus, affecting its development and growth. Try inside bends, which stretch your side-waist muscles and lower back instead. Any twists that are not deep and keep your heart and belly open are safe, and as with all yoga practices, do not attempt a pose that causes you pain or discomfort.

Practice Yoga During Pregnancy with These Safety Tips

Limit Inversions

Most yoga teachers prohibit inversions for pregnant women. When it comes to yoga pose modification during pregnancy, you can continue to practice them if you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Experts recommend sticking to 30 seconds or less and use a wall or something sturdier for balance and support. Remember, if you have never tried a modified yoga pose before pregnancy, it is better to avoid inversion while you are pregnant.

Practice Yoga During Pregnancy with These Safety Tips

Maintain a Neutral Position

Keep your pelvis in a neutral position while doing different poses. You can do this by engaging your abdominals and tucking your tailbone down. Maintaining a neutral position during pregnancy relaxes your buttock muscles and hip flexors.

It is an excellent way to avoid lumbar spine pain and sciatic pain. Neutral pelvis position also prevents connective tissue injuries and stabilizes your spine and pelvis. If you are bending forwards, make sure you do it from the hips while keeping your chest elevated to avoid abdominal compression.