Is Age Really Just A Number? Ask Cindy Rogers

Cindy Rogers

On any given day, you can catch Cindy Rogers, Co-Founder of Yoga Pose, waking up early to meditate, happily hiking through the neighborhoods of Santa Monica, practicing yoga in the fresh air, and munching on a colorful palette of healthy foods. At age 63, Cindy is at the pinnacle of health and connects with others to inspire them to grow, both physically and mentally. For Cindy, the key to all wellness is a mind and body connection. Over the years, she has pieced together a wellness toolkit that consists of daily rituals that lead to a happier, healthier life.

“I believe all women should have a wellness toolkit,” says Cindy, “it’s different for everyone, but it should consist of healthy habits and routines that allow for personal time and reflection.” With a combination of meditation, physical activity, personal care, and quality time, Cindy’s formula could be applied to any woman’s life for a more youthful and energetic approach.

Ready to build your own wellness toolkit? Here’s what to include.

Woman drinking tea

Morning Rituals

“Rise with the sun,” advises Cindy. Every morning, Cindy wakes at the break of dawn, sometimes even before. Her morning ritual consists of waking up early, enjoying some quiet time with morning tea, a dedicated meditation time, and then a meeting with her Sponsees. This is part of Cindy’s daily practice and it sets the intention for her entire day.

“I like to think of this as my homework,” adds Cindy, “It’s what I need to do every day to check all of my boxes and build focus.” While your rituals don’t have to be exactly the same as Cindy’s, setting a morning routine can help you begin your day on the right track, with focus and intention. Try adding activities like meditation, journaling, or stretching to your morning ritual.

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Fuel Your Body with Healthy Foods

“If you eat dead foods, your body will feel dull,” explains Cindy. Her ideal diet consists of a colorful mix of raw vegetables and lean proteins. “Begin your day with healthy fuels that will enliven your body, not make you feel weighed down or lethargic.” Incorporating a healthy diet can be challenging, especially with the fast pace of life and the added influences of children, family, and social events, but stock your home with whole foods and natural grains so you always have healthy options at hand.

active hobbies

Find Active Hobbies

“I recently got a dog, Maybel, and spend hours each day walking and hiking through neighborhoods and parks,” says Cindy. “The activity is energizing to my body, but soothing to my mind.” Set aside time for active hobbies like walking, yoga, a workout class, or swimming. This dedicated time will not only keep you healthy but will also prioritize exercise in your daily life. Create a routine for your day that includes activity and allows for “me” time.

quality time

Make Time for Yourself

Between family, chores, and a career, it can become difficult to make time for yourself. “Even if it’s five minutes in the morning before everyone wakes up, take a moment to check in with yourself — you will see an improvement in your mood, in your relationships, in your life.” Cindy meditates for 15 minutes each morning with soothing music to set daily intentions and do a body scan to ensure that her mind and body are in the right place.


Take Your Vitamins

“As you get older, your body changes, you need some added support,” explains Cindy, “a good multivitamin can fill in all of the gaps and help your body be as healthy as possible!” For Cindy, a nourishing daily multivitamin does the trick — improving immunity, mental clarity, and bone health. New Chapter’s Every Woman™’s One Daily 55+ Multivitamin is the ultimate source of vitamins specifically for women over 55 years old. “I take it once daily,” adds Cindy, “I feel more energized and noticeably stronger.” The multivitamin itself is made of probiotics and whole foods and is designed to be absorbed by the body, even on an empty stomach. Unacademy PC

social time

Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

The most important and emphasized item in Cindy’s toolkit is family time. “My daughter just had a baby, Leo, and I am so happy to be a part of their life,” she explains. “The joy I have experienced just through dedicating time to my family and friends is a real source of happiness.” Whether it is a phone call or quick message, or an hour or two for dinner with friends, add time for socializing each day. “We need that human interaction — it’s energizing and is so special.”

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