15 Black Owned Yoga Studios You Should Support Today

15 Black-Owned Yoga Studios You Should Support Today

Yoga is a proven way to reduce stress and lower anxiety, two mental health angles that may strongly support and help you during the day to day. If you are new to yoga, it is so important to find a yoga studio that speaks to you. It’s not all logistics either. Sure, finding a yoga studio just around the corner from your house is great and all, but does it really speak to you? Take into consideration the culture of the studio, the other clients and members who practice regularly and the mantras and styles of practice before committing to a yoga class package.

Before settling in to a home studio, try asking several of your local studios about introductory deals. Many yoga studios or instructors will allow you to “test run” a class before committing to anything more. That’s the type of no strings attached we need in yoga!

Washington D.C. Yoga Studios

Practice yoga in the capital at these popular Black-owned yoga studios.

Anacostia Yogi

Founder Sariane Leigh started teaching free Vinyasa yoga at local community centers and started to gain an audience. It has always been her goal to tackle health disparities in her own unique way, and yoga is what she calls a revolutionary wellness movement. Learn more about Anacostia Yogi on her website, where you can even register for virtual courses.

Embrace Yoga

Located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Embrace Yoga offers classes, workshops, teacher training, private lessons and wellness activities for all! Founded by Faith Hunter, Embrace Yoga is designed to be a colorful, loving and healing environment that inspires health.

California Yoga Studios

From southern California to San Francisco, get ready to Om! at these beautiful black-owned studios.

Anasa Yoga (Oakland, CA)

At Anasa Yoga, the mantra is “Yoga.Health.Community.” and that is exactly what the two women founders bring to the table, or better yet, to the mat. Here, you will fall in love with the green-certified yoga studio and community center that is more of a sanctuary than a studio. Anasa focused on many forms of yoga, including Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Prenatal, Anusara and Kundalini, just to name a few.

YogaLove (Oakland, CA)

The teachers and owners behind YogaLove definitely love yoga, but it’s the small, more intimate classes that focus on each individual student that really set this Oakland-based studio apart. Offering a variety of yoga classes for all different levels of students, YogaLove is the ideal place to strengthen and deepen your love of yoga. They also offer On-Demand classes available online.

Trap Yoga Bae (Los Angeles, CA)

Yes, you heard us right! Trap Yoga Bae® is bridging the gap between self-care and cultural relevance and we are so on board! Try the Vinyasa-style experience that is backed by heavy bass and hypnotic rhythms of trap music… all spun by a live DJ. Check out their Ratchet Affirmations for a fun spin on your not-so-regular yoga class.

BFunctional Yoga (Los Angeles, CA)

Founded by Bianca Fearon, BFunctional Yoga hosts a variety of yoga classes, teacher trainings, workshops, retreats and corporate yoga experiences to the LA community. Not in Los Angeles? Don’t fret, Bianca hosts Zoom Vinyasa and Yin, as well as Zoom meditation!

Rocky Heron (Los Angeles, CA)

Rocky Heron is a world-renowned yoga instructor and musician. At any given time, you’ll find him leading teacher trainings and offering online courses. Learn both strength and flows with Rocky by becoming a member of his yoga website.

New York Yoga Studios

In the Big Apple? Stop by these yoga studios for the perfect practice amidst the hustle and bustle.

Urban Asanas (Brooklyn, NY)

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Urban Asanas is a yoga studio and wellness center for the community. Practice here is heavily rooted on relationships and community, focusing on music, collaboration and heart. Here, all people are invited to practice, no matter your level or socio-economic background.

HealHaus (Brooklyn, NY)

HealHaus is a lot like an urban oasis designed entirely around health and wellness. Their approach is simple: to create an inclusive space focused on holistic health and wellness, while also being committed to helping and serving the community. There’s also a cafe here for healthy eats and mingling with other yogis.

Louisiana Yoga Studios

Louisiana is already a culture hot spot, full of spiritual energy. But here, you’ll also find some of the best yoga studios in the country.

More & More I AM (Baton Rouge, LA)

You know how sometimes you just can’t shake that small anger? That’s one of the things that More & More I AM is focused on. Their mantra and vision is to provide a friendly, healing, “micro-aggression” free environment to improve physical and mental well-being, both for individuals and for the community. Here, practices start with yoga but move into holistic healing practices including meditation and Ayurveda.

Yoga Noir Project (Baton Rouge, LA)

“I don’t think yoga is for Black people,” is one of the most interesting and pausing comments that Founder Nikky Scott first got when she first entered the world of yoga. Now, through Yoga Noir Project, she is on a mission to enrich the lives of people of color with the ancient practice of yoga. Learn more about the Yoga Noir Project here.

Magnolia Yoga Studio (New Orleans, LA)

Magnolia Yoga Studio is the first Black-owned yoga studio in New Orleans, and we can’t get enough of this powerful and attention-demanding posse — and it’s all well deserved. Magnolia inspires change first through oneself, and they founders behind this revolutionary project have created a sacred space for hot yoga and meditation. If you’re interested in beginning a path into health and wellness without judgment, but with a whole lot of fun, check out their website here.

Pennsylvania Yoga Studios

Check out these Black-owned yoga studios in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Vitality Meditation (Philadelphia, PA)

Vitality Meditation, set in Philadelphia, is a boutique space for meditation and yoga that is focused on mental serenity. Founded by two sisters, Anastasia and Jasmine Bailey, this studio oozes calm aesthetics perfect for crystal clear thinking and wellness.

Studio 34 (Philadelphia, PA)

The child of Adrienne Dolberry, Ph.D., Studio 34 is a hub of accessible health and wellness with affordable yoga classes, workshops and art shows. Studio 34 additionally houses various therapists, ranging from acupuncture to massage and psychotherapy. Here you will find more than a physical space, but rather an encouraging and healing studio based on community and growth.

Àse Yoga (Philadelphia, PA)

Àse is an African term that translates to “the power to make things happen.” With a focus on personal experiences, Àse aims to enliven the energy within our cellular body using breath work and nourishment. Àse serves all members of the community, and asks their practitioners to focus on each individual moment, living life in the present. If this is a mantra you can get behind, be sure to visitÀse Yoga here.