Mistake #5: Comparing Yourself With Others

The yoga studio often feels like the stage of a beauty or talent contest, especially for new yogis. Insecurity or comparing yourself with others is a natural reaction when you try something new, but it need not take over your yoga practice. Be kind to yourself and make a point of embracing where you are in your yoga journey. Take note of the poses and lessons learned that you are proud of. And when that doesn’t work, remember that no one else is watching you because they are too absorbed worrying about themselves.

7 Common Mistakes Every New Yogi Makes

Mistake #6: Not Listening to Your Body

Your yoga instructor is there as a guide, but what they say is not law. Listen to your body first. If a pose doesn’t feel right, opt for a modified version or rest in Child’s pose. If you’re exhausted and not up for your typical Vinyasa practice, opt for Yin or Restorative Yoga. Your yoga practice is about YOU. First and foremost.

7 Common Mistakes Every New Yogi Makes

Mistake #7: Wearing Clothes You Haven’t Tried Yet to Class

There’s nothing worse than being distracted by wardrobe malfunctions during your yoga practice, whether it’s see-through yoga pants or your shirt coming over your head. Be sure to test your clothes at home before wearing them to yoga class. All you need to do is a Downward-Facing Dog, Forward Fold and Plank to realize if your wardrobe is yoga-approved.