Vaughn Powell


Vaughn has been practicing yoga for years, but officially became enamored when she realized that her daily practice enhanced her self-awareness and ability to think clearly. She is interested in the connection between mind and body and how we can use the breath to strengthen parts of the brain that make us mindful and present in our physical form. 

Vaughn believes that when you move with your breath, you are increasing your understanding of how your body responds to different stimuli. A regular yoga practice allows you to notice what is happening in your body and gain the tools you need to regulate those sensations. A study of and fascination with anatomy has helped her intelligently instruct and assist students as they practice as well as reinforce the bridge between mind and body awareness.

Vaughn’s personal practice is rooted in the traditional Ashtanga system where she has immersed herself in the power of the breath, body movement and detoxification within a set sequence of asanas (postures). Ashtanga ensures that she remains a student and continues to notice how her practice influences her teaching style and everyday life.