Yoga for Infertility

Yoga Poses for Infertility

Infertility is a condition in which you are unable to conceive after a year of trying. Problems with ovulation, the monthly release of an egg from the ovaries, are a prevalent cause of infertility. Some issues prevent an egg from being released at all, while others only prevent it from being released during certain cycles. Yoga relieves stress, which may have an adverse effect on your ability to conceive. Women with more stress biomarkers in their saliva had a lower likelihood of getting pregnant during ovulation than women with less stress biomarkers in their saliva, and women with greater levels of cortisol in their systems had an increased risk of miscarriage.

When it comes to preparing ready for a baby, exercise in general is beneficial to the entire body, and yoga is a terrific low-impact technique to tone and tighten. It's also much simpler to begin and maintain a yoga practice while you're not experiencing morning sickness or fatigue, which is crucial because exercise lowers your risk of gestational diabetes and other pregnancy issues. More significantly, yoga is a workout that is intended to help you relax, which can make it easier to become pregnant. All of these benefits, as well as the study on yoga and fertility, appear to lead to the idea that, while there is no direct cause-and-effect link between performing yoga and being pregnant, it may help you conceive indirectly.

Restorative yoga positions along with deep breathing are an excellent place to begin because they both induce calm. Here are a few poses to get you started: Head-to-Knee Forward Bend, Bridge Pose, Seated Forward Fold, and Supported Legs Up the Wall. Yoga and fertility aren’t directly linked, but the practice can help with some of the symptoms that make trying to conceive difficulty. Whether or not yoga increases fertility, it may be worth giving it a try for its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia— all of which can make baby-making much more enjoyable.