5 Yoga Poses You Can Do With Your Baby

5 Yoga Poses You Can Do With Your Baby - Yoga Pose

Lifestyle Changes for New Parents

Having a new baby leads to many big changes, some expected, some not. While we all look forward to a new bundle of joy, there are several changes that new parents may notice. Don’t worry, these are common, and can easily be managed with self-care, support and a little bit of yoga.

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Though having a new baby should be a happy experience, that’s not always the case. One in seven women will develop postpartum depression within a year of giving birth, and about 10 percent of women will experience postpartum anxiety. And men can experience it too — up to 1 in 4 new dads have Paternal Postnatal Depression.


“How are you sleeping?” is a common question new parents get. The answer is often not well, according to a 2004 study. Though women experience more sleep disturbances than men, they reported no difference in fatigue.

Sore Muscles

Bending over to change and pick up a baby can lead to sore backs and necks, especially as they get bigger — many babies double their birth weight by four months.

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