7 Yoga Poses to Help Correct Bad Posture

7 Yoga Poses to Help Correct Bad Posture - Yoga Pose

Why Do We Get Bad Posture?

Throughout the centuries, both Western medicine and Ayurveda have investigated the common areas of the body where most people tend to store their unreleased emotions. Here are a few:


This powerful emotion is usually stored in the lower back. Since in our society, anger is among the most frown-upon human emotions, as individuals we sometimes tend to bottle it down and neglect it. Pain or stiffness in the area may call for a moment of reflection and self-analysis. Admitting to ourselves that we are experiencing anger is the first step towards turning all that energy into something constructive such as assertiveness and determination.


Unsurprisingly, hurt is the emotion we store in our chest. In the absence of any medical condition, physical discomfort in the heart area is often brought up by loss, separation, grief. Talk therapy has proven to be an effective tool to release this harmful energy.


This emotion is store in the gut. When we are afraid, we create painful spasms in our stomach and intestines. Again, acknowledging and expressing such feelings is the first important step toward releasing them.


Being in charge of every little area of our personal, family and professional life can often be overwhelming. Tight neck and shoulders can be a physical manifestation of burden. Admitting we sometimes need help and reach out to our dear ones and coworkers for help can ease that weight on our shoulders.

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