Yoga for Hair Growth

Yoga for Hair Growth

Do you dream of having a beautiful mane? Well, you are in luck as your favorite hobby might be helping you achieve just that!

A 2018 study has looked into the possibilities of adopting Ayurveda and other complementary therapies as an additional tool for the prevention of hair loss. While the jury is still out regarding the efficacy of natural treatments, the trial has concluded that the amazing effects of yoga therapy on overall emotional wellbeing and stress relief indirectly promote hair health and growth. Not only that, the numerous inversions performed during an asana session can stimulate circulation by reversing the blood flow back to the head and scalp, in turn promoting hair growth.

But as yoga itself constitutes a complementary approach to hair health, it is useful to look at the symptoms, causes and effective remedies for hair thinning, hair loss or slowed growth.

On the next pages, we’ll talk about the causes of hair loss and how yoga can help you have a healthy scalp.