Why You Should Try Sound Therapy Today

Why You Should Try Sound Therapy Today

Research shows that tension and stress can lead to various health conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, addiction, and mental health issues. Yoga is a holistic health approach that connects the body, mind, and soul through physical poses and mindfulness systems, including sound bath therapy.

A 2017 study highlights that sound bath therapy is an alternative intervention to reduce psychological illnesses, like stress, depression, and anxiety. The study concludes that sound healing methods, including Tibetan singing bowl meditation, can improve spiritual health and overcome stress and anxiety symptoms.

Sound therapy follows the principle of vibration, illustrating that the Universe is based on vibrational frequencies. Because the human body is not solid and has harmonic and rhythmic processes, healing it through sound therapy can have life-changing benefits.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

A growing body of research evidence supports sound healing and therapy techniques for pain management, including physical and psychological pain. One research study conducted by the University of California highlights that mindfulness meditation in yoga combined with Tibetan bowls sound therapy can decrease stress and anger.

Researchers of the study conclude that Tibetan sound bowl therapy is effective for people who are new to yoga and meditation practices too. Another study that focused on fibromyalgia patients highlighted that sound therapy, including low-frequency stimulation, reduced painful symptoms among participants.

The study concluded that participants could stand, sit, and move without symptoms of discomfort and pain. Many Meta-analyses review studies support sound therapy for a wide range of physical and psychological illnesses.

A research study conducted at the University of Bonn in Germany, highlights that more than 30 research studies support sound therapy for major depressive disorders, including stress and anxiety. Researchers conclude that binaural beats are an effective sound therapy technique to reduce anxiety, fear, worries, and other stressful symptoms.

Moreover, researchers at McGill University reviewed over 400 studies to find links between sound therapy and physical/mental health. Researchers found that sound therapy, such as listening to relaxing music, can improve overall physical and psychological health.

Although sound therapy does not work for everyone to heal and alleviate stress and pain, it is beneficial for most people with symptoms of these physical and mental health conditions. Sound therapy can naturally lower blood pressure, reduce mood swings, decrease cholesterol levels, and improve sleep. It is also effective for dementia, autism, and PTSD.

How Can You Practice Sound Therapy on Your Own at Home?

There are different types of sound therapy techniques that you can practice at home. Some sound therapy techniques for beginners use gongs, drums, voices, and Tibetan bowls. In this section, we will talk about Tibetan bowl sound therapy, an ancient practice that involves clapping, drumming, pulsing sounds, and spiritual, ceremonial singing. Here are the steps to perform sound therapy using Tibetan bowls.

  • Find a distraction-free and comfortable place in your home
  • Lie on your yoga mat and place bowls in different configurations
  • You can place them around your body or in different areas around the room
  • Press the mallet against the bowl’s rim in a circular motion to create the sound
  • Slow down the motion when you hear a clear sound
  • Make sure you use your full arm for the motion to create the sound
  • Listen to the sound emitting from the bowl to heal your body

Get Certified

Singing bowls, both crystal and Tibetan, are an essential and simple sound therapy technique, especially for beginners, with a wide range of health benefits. We recommend you practice this technique before you perform advanced sound therapies and learn to work with the energy of sound on a basic level. If you want to practice sound healing even further, try Sacral Sounds Training, a program to become a certified sound healer using voice, singing bowls, and other instruments. “Sound therapy is an incredibly powerful healing modality that compliments any healing practice,” says Helane Marie Anderson, the Founder & Director at Sacral Sounds. “Knowing deeply how to work with sound energetics and using sound with intention creates the space for your body and mind to release tension and allow more relaxation, peace, and joy.”

If you wish to participate in sound healing training with Helane, it will be helpful to have your own singing bowl, which you can be found at Meditation centers, yoga studios, online retailers, and music shops.